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What is the club? plus ramblings about my GCSEs, DJ Sets in Cafes and the Manchester Marathon.

I find myself contemplating this very question as I sit in my co-working space precisely at 09:08 on a Saturday morning.

In many respects, I perceive this ‘business’ as an embodiment of both Myself and Matt’s life. Every aspect is crafted around our own preferences in product and branding. From the Menu, composed of wholesome, nourishing food intended to fuel your aspirations, to the intricacies of our packaging and the aesthetics of our website, meticulously created to convey a premium, yet relaxed feel (some might call it soothing…).

That is the essence I aspire this Club to embody: an extension of our brand, a platform for sharing our experiences, musings, insights, triumphs, and tribulations. Our aspirations for this brand transcend just ‘making money’ – for if that were the sole objective, I’d still be at my old desk job, droning on about safety signage legislation (sorry, Brady). Whether we’re dissecting our latest recipe, recounting a recent race and the arduous training preceding it, or discussing our current musical preferences, we hope to offer a diverse array of content.

As for the frequency of updates, I cannot definitively state whether they will occur weekly, monthly, or annually (although if it’s the latter, I would consider it a significant failure). Do not anticipate flawless spelling and grammar – my GCSE English grade shall remain a secret, though the recurrent comment of ‘He distracts other pupils too much’ from my teachers may offer a hint.

My aspiration is that you shall derive some form of enrichment from our club, perhaps acquiring new knowledge or insights to share with others.

I found this great YouTube channel recently that records DJ sets in obscure places – here is a chill house set in a Café:

YouTube video

Manchester Marathon was a cracker – my first one and I doubt last. Official chip time was 02:56:20. I did tell Matt that I’m going to make him do it with my next year, paced at a 03:30:00 – we’ll see if that comes to fruition. Currently debating the Lisbon marathon later this year, 6th October – but whether I have the level of commitment to a) run quicker than previous b) do 18 weeks of training again, is up in the air.

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